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Support season 2 of in the field

We've had such fun making the first season of In the Field (which isn't over yet!) and we've been very encouraged by the responses we have received from listeners, near and far.

So many of you have written in with suggestions, feedback, thoughts and ideas for potential episodes. So many of you have reached out to start a conversation. Thank you!

Through this podcast, we hope to broaden the conversation around development in India, so that more people understand the many issues facing this country, and become inspired to get involved.  More people need to enter the fold, and start engaging with issues that go beyond their everyday reality.

Conceptualizing, producing and hosting a show like In the Field takes time, effort and travel - to meet people working in different parts of the country, to research each issue, to script each episode, to transcribe hours and hours worth of interviews and find the right sound bytes, to record in the studio and finally, to release the episode.

We have a whole bunch of ideas for Season 2 of In the Field, but we need your help. We are fundraising for the next season. Your contributions will go towards scripting and transcription, episode production, sound recording and will help us find more local stories from India.


If you're in India and/or have an Indian bank account please use the donate button above or click here to make a donation. Please don't forget to include your name and email and other contact details so we can write you a personal thank you note. We will also credit you on our website and in the second season of the show.

Thank you from the In the Field team!


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